Spectrum PPF

OnerPro Spectrum is our next step towards in bringing you a diverse range of paint protection solutions. This series currently features four films: Matte, Black, Pearl and Nacre. Unlike traditional paint protection films, these options give you the ability to transform your existing car paint’s finish and color.

In addition to the self-healing function that is now de regueur for paint protection films, they also come with the additional perk of changing the finish or even color of your car paint. Gone are the days when you have to decide between vinyl wrap or PPF. Now, you can have the best of both world in a film no thicker than 8 mil. What’s more is that OnerPro Spectrum gives you a colored film unaffected by unsightly blemishes like the orange peel effect commonly seen in vinyls, taking our product to the next level.

Protection & More

Not only your car will get the protection, add the effect of Matte, Black, Pearl or Nacre to it!


Spectrum Matte

Spectrum Black

Spectrum Pearl

Spectrum Nacre