Nexus+ Max PPF

OnerPro Nexus+ Max is the newest addition to the OnerPro family. It is made from American high-quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber) masterbatch as the surface material. Striking a balance between performance and style, Nexus+ Max paint protection films provide a self-healing feature fortified with a superior anti-permeation property.

Nexus+ Max‘s fluorocarbon top coat stops water and stains from penetrating the film, preventing formation of discoloration. This Fluorocarbon coating (ASIS Fluorocarbon coating) superimposed the injection film forming technology that ensures high radiance and high water repellent while blocking external damages, preventing oxidation and corrosion, and weather resistance.

The Thickness of 9.5mil prevent all kinds of accidental scratches where it will Self-Heal by naturally produced heat.

All Nexus+ Max films are fitted with OnerPro’s pressure-sensitive-adhesive, eliminating risks of stretch marks and orange peels. Its hydrophobic properties also makes for minimal water marks, keeping your car paint free from blemishes for even longer.



Thickness at 9.5mil (0.2413mm) effectively preventing accidental scratches.

Nano Coating

Multi-layer Nano-coating technology, optimizing protection from corrosion oxidation and water stain.

Heat & UV Resistant

Our films can withstand temperature as high as 240℉ (116℃)!


High peel & tear resistant and high stretch-resistance strength of 9300psi (64MPa).

Glossy Finish

Distinct glossy film finish for protection that will not compromise the aesthetics of the vehicle.


The anti-permeation top coat designed to promote water beading and prevent contaminants from penetrating the film.

OnerPro Paint Protection Film (PPF)