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Superior Features
Give Your Car Maximum Protection

The compact coating prevents discoloration & prolongs the durability of the film. It will give your car paint complete insulation, streamline day-to-day maintenance and prevent permanent damages.

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Seamless Protection
Like A Protective Skin For Your Car

The revolutionary top coat of OnerPro Paint Protection Film (PPF) contributes to its anti-permeation feature providing impenetrable protection to both the film and the car paint.

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Revolutionary Tech
Your Car Deserves The Best Features

OnerPro Paint Protection Film (PPF) is developed based on anti-flaming & breathable TPU material. Our films have high discoloration resistance & anti-permeation ability too.

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OnerPro – International Paint Protection Films Specialist

OnerPro Paint Protection Film (PPF) is developed using the latest technology with a proprietary fluorocarbon coating that facilitates its self-healing and anti-permeation function, preventing discoloration and staining. We offer a wide variety of PPF products & packages, please feel free to get a free quotation for the best price from us.

In OnerPro Malaysia, we provide a large variety of accessories for our installers’ convenience, such as ONERCUT database with precise pre-cut patterns for most vehicles & ONERPRO TOOLBOX with every tool needed to start providing quality paint protection film installations.

Premium Protection

Protected with anti-permeation function & hydrophobic property.

Perfect Fit

ONERCUT pre-cut films will fit to your car model seamlessly!

7-Year Warranty

Worry-free 7 years, one of the longest in the market!

OnerPro Technology

Multi-layer Nano-coating technology, optimizing protection from corrosion oxidation and water stain.

Thickness of 7.5mil – 9.5mil (0.19mm – 0.24mm) effectively preventing accidental scratches.

The anti-permeation top coat designed to promote water beading and prevent contaminants from penetrating the film.

Our films can withstand temperature as high as 240℉ (116℃)!

See How PPF Works

OnerPro PPF offers protection against tough road conditions while the hydrophobic property keeps the vehicle clean.

Our films are also equipped with anti-UV and chemical-resistant ability, which makes them ready for even the toughest of weather and road conditions.

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What Our Clients Say

"OnerPro Penang is always the trusted shop I go for my yearly polishing and paint protection service. 5 star service!"

At OnerPro George Town

"I just installed OnerPro Paint Protection Film on my new Volvo XC90 at OnerPro Bukit Mertajam last week. Satisfied with their service and product!"

At OnerPro Bukit Mertajam

"If you are looking for Paint Protection Film (PPF) for your car. Go for OnerPro products, highly recommended!"

At OnerPro Petaling Jaya

"Baru aje bawa kereta saya Mazda X5 ke OnerPro Petaling Jaya untuk buat coating dan PPF. Serbis bagus dan professional!"

At OnerPro Petaling Jaya

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We currently have more than 10 dealers across the entire country. Feel free to browse through the list and pick the one nearest to you.