OnerPro Malaysia Warranty

We’ve got you covered

OnerPro Malaysia offers one of the longest warranty periods in the market – a 7-year warranty on NEXUS+ and SPECTRUM SERIES from the date of purchase.

Our comprehensive warranty covers: staining, unusual yellowing, cracking, blistering and delaminating. Warranty is limited to product defects stated above and does not include installation bubble, mis-installation, normal wear and tears, road debris impact, accidents, collisions or intentional damages of any kind.

Each vehicle with a full-wrap OnerPro paint protection film installation is entitled to a OnerPro Warranty Card. Please note that our 7-year warranty is only applicable through OnerPro Certified Dealers or Installers. Warranty is only available for full-wrapped vehicle..

Every authorized OnerPro dealer or installer will provide you with a warranty card after the installation. To file a claim, please contact the Certified Dealer who carried out your installation. In case your Certified Dealer is unavailable, please contact us at [email protected] and prepare the necessary information including Certified Dealer details, date of installation, and pictures of defected parts. Please DO NOT remove the film until it has been examined by our specialists. OnerPro reserves the right to determine the validity of any given claim. ​Some installers might choose to provide additional warranty and coverage for OnerPro paint protection film installations on their own behalf. OnerPro is not responsible for any warranty offered outside the scope of the company’s terms and conditions.

OnerPro warranty is limited to replacement of defective film.

OnerPro Warranty