OnerShield Ceramic Coating

Years of experience in paint protection film protection has led us to developing innovative top coats capable of anti-UV, anti-permeation functions and more. We decided to bring these coatings out of the confines of the automotive industry, transforming them into a one-stop surface protection solution: OnerShield.

Permanent Bonding

The nanoceramic structure of OnerShield coatings allow the formation of a permanent bond with treated surface.

Above 9H Hardness

Increase the hardness of treated car paint surfaces to above 9H level!

Ultra High Gloss

Apart from minimizing surface staining, OnerShield coatings also give treated car paint surfaces an enviable shine and increased color depth.

Superior Hydrophobicity

Promotes water beading and makes surface maintenance easy and painless.

Onershield Coating